The Finstock News

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The Finstock News is the village newsletter. Its motto is "Of the village, by the village, for the village". It's a non-profit organisation run by volunteers, paid for by advertisers and serving the residents of Finstock, Fawler, Wilcote, Mt. Skippett and Finstock Heath since the year 2000. It is published bimonthly.

Click here to download and print the News' incredibly useful 'Ready Reference Guide' (right): an A4 sheet of phone numbers and contact info for village services, groups and people.

Contacting the Editor:
63 High Street, Finstock, OX7 3DA
tel. 01993 868575

Joining the Finstock News Yahoo Group  

PDFs of back issues of the News published between 2006 and 2012 can be viewed online at and recent copies by clicking on the links below. You may need to select “Open in a new tab”, depending on your browser. (NB: the best reader experience will be gained by downloading an issue to view in Acrobat.)