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The Fate of the Children of Lir

Dramatic storytelling by Georgie Steele and musician Judith Hooper
“And where, moments – or was it hours? – before, there had played on the lake four lithe, lively children, there now swam four sombre, majestic swans.”

Lir has four children: Aod, Fiachra, Ffion and Conn. When his first wife dies, Lir marries her sister, Aoife. And that’s where this story begins...
How does it feel to be different from the people around you?    
What will you do with the hand that fate has dealt you?
Can you accept what you have become?
Georgie Steele and Judith Hooper's version of ‘The Fate of the Children of Lir’ is a tender, fierce and personal interpretation of the ancient Celtic story, told through words, music and corporal mime.

Finstock Village Hall. Doors 7.30pm; performance 8.00pm. Tickets here

Due to our dark interpretation of this tale, we feel this performance is suitable for adults, and children over the age of 12.